A Nonogramm- /Paint-by-Numbers- / Picross-like game, written in C and SDL

The goal of the game is to reveal all correct tiles of a grid. To find out the correct tiles, there are numbers on top and on the left of the grid. The numbers show the size of blocks of tiles which are connected vertically or horizontally. So you know the size of the blocks but not their exact position.
Have fun! :)

Download version 0.22
DownloadLinuxbinary - tlmnt_v022bin_linux.tar.gz
DownloadWindowsbinary - tlmnt_v022bin_windows.zip
DownloadSourcecode - tlmnt_v022src_src.tar.gz
DownloadBeOS Port of v0.22

click image for larger preview
Tileminator Screenshot

For playing you'll need the runtime libraries of:
HyperlinkSDL 1.2, HyperlinkSDL_image 1.2, HyperlinkSDL_ttf 2.0.
For compiling you'll need the development-packages.

You are free to use, redistribute and/or modify the programm under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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